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Emilee Foster

In June of 2020, Emilee Foster knew something had to change. As a full-time nurse, she found herself neglecting her health and missing precious time at home with her two daughters.

“All I wanted was to have more energy and give my kids a hundred percent,” says Foster, who guzzled down Coca-Colas from McDonald’s to try and stay alert. She rarely had the energy to play with her daughters after work and found herself spending less and less time on her family’s farm – something she’d always enjoyed doing.

Around that time, posts about the THRIVE Experience kept showing up on her Instagram, and one day, Foster decided to try the product and ordered a month’s worth from a Promoter she didn’t even know.
Her husband Andrew, too, was looking to improve his overall health, and he decided to try the three simple steps as a way to support his weight-loss goals.

After using the products for just a few weeks, both Foster and her husband began to notice that they had more energy and less desire to eat junk food.

Shortly after, everybody at Foster’s job marveled at her newfound energy and wanted to try the THRIVE Experience when she told them about it. Foster quickly hit the Promoter button and “things took off pretty fast,” she says. In her second month as a Promoter, Emilee took her mom with her to test drive a Cadillac after she’d earned her Auto Bonus.

“At that point, I figured life was perfect,” she says. “THRIVE gave me the energy I needed, plus I had a great new side gig.”

But Foster didn’t realize that there was still something missing from her life until she was invited to attend a retreat with other THRIVERS in Florida in January of 2021. “It was the scariest thing I’d ever done,” she remembers. Foster didn’t know anyone personally who was attending the event, and she felt intimidated by the success of other Promoters in her upline.

“THRIVE gave me the energy I needed, plus I had a great new side gig.”

Then, she met other THRIVERS face to face and her entire mindset changed. “I had never worked anywhere before where I felt like I really belonged,” Foster says.

At the retreat, she connected personally with several different people – many of whom weren’t even on her team – who cheered her success and made her feel like she could take her THRIVE business to the next level.

And that’s exactly what she did. She went home from the event “feeling like I had a whole new family,” and shortly after, decided to become a full-time THRIVER. She quickly worked to hit her 40K and 80K VIP ranks, which she reached in March and April of 2021. Foster achieved her 200K rank in March of 2022.

“I always loved nursing because I was changing people’s lives, and I’m still able to do that with the THRIVE Experience,” she says. “But even more importantly, I want to give back to the community that’s given me so much.”

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