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Hawley Awad

In the summer of 2020, Hawley Awad was teaching an equestrian clinic when something caught her eye. One of the participants, THRIVE Promoter Brooke Wadsworth, was wearing a Black Label DFT on her arm.
Awad, a former Canadian Equestrian Team athlete who competed in the 2004 and 2012 Summer Olympics in eventing, started asking questions.

“She told me about THRIVE’s three steps and how the DFT was providing her with nutrition all day long,” Awad says. “I was intrigued.”

For years, Awad had been concerned about the nutrition of the horses she worked with, but she hadn’t given much thought to how she was fueling her own body. As a result, “the horses had energy after a long day, but I was lagging in the afternoons,” she says. “Some days I’d have to drink eight or nine cups of coffee to stay awake and focused.”
Wadsworth gave Awad a sample of the THRIVE Experience, and shortly after taking the capsules, “I felt brighter and more motivated to start my day,” she says. She was pleasantly surprised to try her first Lifestyle Mix, too. “Nutritional shakes always made me leery in the past because of their unpleasant taste,” she says. “But this shake was absolutely delicious – and it kept me full until lunch.”

Awad became a Promoter and incorporated additional THRIVE products, including SCULPT and FORM to her daily routine, finding that the products gave her energy, mental clarity and weight-loss support.

“I travel all over for work and people couldn’t help but notice that I was more energetic and fit,” she says. “It was just natural that I started to share my experience with others.”

“I felt brighter and more motivated to start my day.”

She started posting pictures of herself on social media using THRIVE products. Sometimes she shares her favorite recipe for her morning Lifestyle Mix. (She likes to mix the Vanilla flavor with water, a banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon.) Other times, she shares a photo of herself enjoying THRIVE FORM while giving her horses their vitamin supplements. “I like to remind other riders that we tend to spend so much time and energy making the horses feel good that we forget about ourselves,” she says. “Most people in the horse world can relate to that.”

In April of 2021, Awad reached her 40K VIP rank, and she continues to share her experience with others. She brings samples of THRIVE to every equestrian event she attends, and she tries to dial in as much as she can on her team’s early morning training calls. When she misses one, she likes to reach out to Wadsworth to touch base.

“Consistency is really key in this business,” she says. “Everyone wants a quick result, but that doesn’t happen overnight. Like anything else, being a Promoter is hard work, but the effort is definitely worth it.

“The THRIVE Experience has allowed me to feel great and get more out of my day,” she adds.

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