Living the Premium Lifestyle

The success shown in these profiles is not typical of the success, if any, a Le-Vel Brand Promoter can or will have. There are no financial guarantees.

Melanie Preiss
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Just getting started

Melanie Preiss never thought of herself as a happy person. Then, she tried the THRIVE Experience and began to let joy into her life For most of her life, Melanie Preiss says she dragged through life, wondering what her purpose was. “I’ve always really felt like there was something missing,” […]

Kristy Mumpower
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Perfect timing

Working from home with a broken ankle, Kristy Mumpower was tired and stressed. Then she found the THRIVE Experience and gained both energy and a new business opportunity “If she posts one more time about that THRIVE stuff, I’m going to delete her.” That’s what Kristy Mumpower remembers saying to […]

Cassandra Neault
Living the Premium Lifestyle

All together now

As a busy school principal and successful Promoter, Cassandra Neault builds community wherever she goes It was New Year’s Eve 2019 when Cassandra Neault signed up to be a THRIVE Promoter. “As soon as I pressed that button, I was ready to run,” says Neault, an elementary school teacher at […]

Lissa Quinlan
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Sense of purpose

It took a long time for Lissa Quinlan to discover who she was and what she was meant to do. Now, as a Promoter, she’s found her life’s mission Unmotivated. Moody. Unhappy. That’s how Lissa Quinlan describes how she felt seven years ago. “I was in a funk and didn’t […]

Katie Muntz
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Proof positive

Think you need a college degree or a sales background to become a successful Promoter? Katie Muntz had neither — and was determined to take her THRIVE business to the top In late 2017, Katie Muntz was in a bad spot. She’d just had her second baby and says she […]

Rosalyn Vance
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Her time to shine

Six years ago, Rosalyn Vance became a THRIVE Promoter — and embarked on a personal development journey that changed her life In 2016, Rosalyn Vance quietly watched as her sister, who lived nearby, became a THRIVE Promoter. “Our little town was blowing up with THRIVE” as her sister shared the […]