Brianna Brown
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a grand slam

Brianna Brown

In August of 2018, Brianna Brown said she felt like a hypocrite. “I was always preaching self-care to my staff and my patients,” says Brown, who was a nurse working 12-hour shifts. But as a newly single mom going through a traumatic divorce, Brown said she slogged through her days at work, chugging shots of espresso and drinking caramel frappés to get through the long days. After work, when she came home to her son and daughter, “I didn’t feel like I had anything left to give them,” she remembers.

That month, her sister had just become a THRIVER, and Brown decided to give the products a try. As soon as she began her three simple steps, Brown says she knew the THRIVE Experience was something special. “All of a sudden I was sleeping better,” she says. Then, she realized she no longer needed coffee to get through her day. And in the evenings, she was eager to get home and accompany her children, who were both active in sports, to their activities. “I suddenly felt like myself again!” she says.

Within a few weeks, her fellow nurses at work asked her about THRIVE; she became a Promoter and started sharing the products with others. “It took off like wildfire,” she says.

“If you share THRIVE in an authentic way, everything falls into place.”

Brown hit her 12K VIP rank within her first four months as a Promoter and has had steady success since then. She continued her job as a nurse while steadily growing her THRIVE business on her off hours. “I didn’t make things complicated,” she says. “I was just focused on introducing the THRIVE Experience to one person at a time. Every morning, I’d wake up and think, ‘Who around me wants to feel better?’”

She also made sure her DFT was visible throughout the day, “and I put off a kind and caring vibe wherever I went,” she says. “If you share THRIVE in an authentic way, everything falls into place.”

As she continued THRIVING, Brown noticed that her dietary habits had changed, too. “Instead of craving comfort foods, I lost those stress cravings and wanted fresh fruit,” she says, and she eventually reached her weight-loss goal.

This past year has been very special for Brown. She got married, moved to a new home and hit Le-Vel’s highest rank – 200K – at the end of March.

“It sounds silly, but looking back now, a three-step vitamin plan was the foundation for my life’s dreams coming true,” says Brown, who credits the THRIVE Experience for helping her gain more energy, and more confidence, to build a better life for her and her children.

These days, as she’s toting around a baseball or softball bag at the sports field with one of her kids, she is likely to have a big smile on her face. “Le-Vel has allowed me to hit a grand slam
in my life.”

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