Living the Premium Lifestyle

The success shown in these profiles is not typical of the success, if any, a Le-Vel Brand Promoter can or will have. There are no financial guarantees.

Promoter Susan Phillips
Living the Premium Lifestyle

A family affair

Susan Phillips Two-and-a-half years ago, at age 40 and after having her fourth baby, Susan Phillips wasn’t sure how she was going to keep up with her toddler son. “Our next youngest child was 19 – I had been a much more energetic mom with the first three,” she says. […]

Promoter Kelsey Mason
Living the Premium Lifestyle

A whole new ‘me’

Kelsey Mason When Kelsey Mason was eight months pregnant with her second child in 2019, she watched a relative post on social media about how the THRIVE Experience was giving her the motivation to make strides in her weight-loss journey.“She talked about how great she felt, and her transformation was […]

Promoter Mallory Almodovar
Living the Premium Lifestyle

A Mom’s Promise

Mallory Almodovar Mallory Almodovar will never forget the day, more than two years ago, when she was in the grocery store with her young daughter Aubree. “I’m never going to do this to you again,” she remembers telling her daughter after she returned a box of pancakes Aubree wanted to […]

Promoter Ashley Sythavongsa
Living the Premium Lifestyle

New & Improved

Ashley Sythavongsa At the end of 2018, Ashley Sythavongsa realized she was no longer the happy, energetic person she’d always been. Her father had passed away, “and I’d kind of lost myself,” she remembers. Then a mom of two, working as a manager for a hearing aid company, Sythavongsa said […]

Promoter Lynsey Gollehon
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in change

E.R. nurse Lynsey Gollehon loved caring for people, but the job took her away from her own family. Now, as a THRIVE Promoter, she has a more balanced life It was January 2021, and Lynsey Gollehon, who worked as an ER nurse on a trauma team, was on the verge […]

Promoter Meredith Fuller
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in yourself

After the THRIVE Experience put a smile back on her face, Meredith Fuller discovered how to help others find happiness, too In 2016, Meredith Fuller often began her day crying in the shower. “I was a mess,” says the mom of two. Fuller, who was home-schooled and never attained her […]