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Theresa & Joseph Williams

Theresa Williams still remembers the day she realized that THRIVE could be a game-changer for her family. It was in October of 2014, and she had just started her THRIVE Experience after her friend told her that it would help with her general discomforts. A distance runner, she was worried that her athletic past was catching up with her. “I was 42 years old and feeling pretty rundown,” she says.

In addition to working full-time jobs and raising four children, Theresa and her husband Joseph owned a blueberry farm, but she rarely had the energy to tend to the farm on weekends.

But on her third day of trying THRIVE, she gave Joseph the surprise of a lifetime when she showed up at the farm after a long run.

“She said she’d already cleaned the house and she wanted to help me,” Joseph remembers. “We worked until after dark, and I told her, ‘I have no idea what you ordered, but we both need this in our life.’”

When Joseph started his THRIVE Experience, he saw only a modest change at first. “On Day 1, I noticed I didn’t need my coffee anymore,” he says. But on Day 3, he suddenly felt the newfound energy his wife had felt. “I wanted to go paint the neighbor’s house,” he said. “It rocked my world.”

Theresa became a Promoter and found it easy to share her story with others. “You can’t help but tell people about something that’s changed your life,” she says. “It’s kind of like a ministry.”

Six weeks later, she earned her Auto Bonus, and Joseph decided to become a Promoter as well. Eventually, both hit their 200K VIP rank and decided to stay at home and THRIVE full time. They’ve taken the advice of Le-Vel co-founders Jason Camper and Paul Gravette and continue to create and refine their vision boards.

On one of their first boards, they included a photo of a backyard pool. When they were able to build a pool with a waterfall in their backyard, they added a cabin in the mountains to their board.

“We continue to think bigger, and then we make our dreams a reality,” Joseph says.
But even more gratifying is realizing that they’ve made a difference in people’s lives. “When you talk to somebody whose life is changing because of THRIVE, that’s better than a swimming pool or a cabin in the mountains,” Theresa says “It’s the best feeling ever to know you’ve helped someone.”

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“All you have to do is get THRIVE into people’s hands, and you know what the end game will be,” Joseph says. “They’ll end up feeling fantastic!”