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No Lone Wolf

Stephanie Ly

Life was a blur for Stephanie Ly back in the winter of 2017. “I was going through a pretty tough time personally, and I was one tired mama,” says Ly, whose daughter was a toddler at the time. Ly needed a job that would allow her to care for her daughter full-time, so she was dabbling in a number of online businesses. “I was just treading water.”

Then a friend posted about THRIVE on Instagram, and Ly decided to try it, thinking it might be able to help her shed some baby weight. But as soon as she tried the THRIVE Experience, Ly says, her whole world changed. “The cloud hanging over me had lifted, and I woke up every day with a smile on my face,” she says. “I guess that’s what they mean by ‘mood support.’”

Eight weeks into her THRIVE Experience, Ly learned how to THRIVE for free by referring two friends and realized that THRIVE could provide her with a legitimate business opportunity.

“I realized I was wasting my time with those other businesses and decided to become a Promoter.” Ly hit the Promoter button in December 2017, and things accelerated quickly. Six months later, she earned her Auto Bonus, and she used it for a new Audi 85 to replace her broken-down car. The following year, she achieved her 40K VIP rank, “and that’s when I really started to buckle down.”

“The most powerful thing I do each day is wake up an hour before everyone else in my house does. You can’t believe how much I get done in that hour, with no other distractions or obligations.”

In late 2019, with a second daughter on the way, Ly dove headfirst into the THRIVE community, connecting with as many Promoters as she could to learn about tactics to build her business. “I became addicted to training Zooms,” where THRIVERS who are Millionaire Award recipients share their tips for success.
“I’m an introvert, so I’m used to trying to figure things out for myself,” she says. “But being a lone wolf can only take you so far. Once I realized how invested other Promoters were in my success, I leaned into that and kept running.”

Ly’s efforts paid off: In March 2020, she achieved the 200K rank; her next goal is to help more people on her team hit that level. “I’ve learned to develop an abundance mindset,” she says. “With Le-Vel, it’s all about helping each other, not competing against one another. That’s a culture I’m proud to be a part of.”

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