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Sick and tired of grueling sales jobs, Lori Ford became a THRIVE Promoter and is now living life on her terms

For many years, Lori Ford was used to hustling so hard that she barely saw the light of day. Years ago, when she worked in the mortgage industry, she spent most of her days tied to her office computer. Then, after the housing bubble burst, Ford lost her job and saw the industry she knew crumble before her eyes. Desperate for employment, she took a sales position working at BJ’s Wholesale Club, hawking hair curlers, car wax and cleaning sprays for various clients. “I was a great salesperson, but the work was grueling,” she says. Then, she took a job at a call center working the 3 p.m.-to-midnight shift, putting in overtime to win two-dollar trophies in sales contests.

One day in 2016, she realized that the cheap trophies weren’t enough. “I was tired all the time,” she says. And although she lived on the beach in Florida, she says, she rarely had time to enjoy the view.
Then, a friend told her about the THRIVE Experience and how it could provide her with more energy. The friend gave her a two-day sample of the THRIVE Experience, and as soon as she started it, “a lightbulb turned on in my head,” she says. Not only did THRIVE provide her with the clean energy to get through the day, but it gave her mental clarity, too. “I didn’t feel like I was slogging through life anymore,” she says.

She resolved to never be without THRIVE again and signed up as a Promoter, figuring she’d make a sale here and there while working at the call center. But after she made a social media post questioning why some women will spend $200 on a pair of shoes but not on their health, some of her friends signed up to THRIVE alongside her.

“As long as I can keep growing – and living life on my terms – I’m right where I need to be.”

By 2017, she had worked her way to the 80K VIP rank and realized she’d rather make THRIVE her main gig rather than her side job. “That’s when my whole world opened up,” she says.
Since Ford could work her THRIVE business from anywhere, she took full advantage of it. Her parents owned a ranch in Florida, but she’d never been able to take enough time off from work to help them when they needed it. At one point, when her dad became ill, she was able to work on the ranch for two months while continuing to grow her business.

Then, at the beginning of 2020, her landlord told her he wanted to sell her condo, so she moved out and decided to travel around the country, visiting friends while sharing the THRIVE Experience with everyone she met. She spent two months road-tripping with an entrepreneur friend in Washington state. The duo diligently worked their businesses while camping and going for hikes in
the mountains.

“For the first time in my life, I had control over my time and could do what I wanted to, without having to ask for time off and be without pay,” she says.
Today, she bounces back and forth between a friend’s home in Miami and her parents’ ranch, and she’s focused on achieving the 200K rank. And if it takes a while to reach that milestone, that’s okay with her. “As long as I can keep growing – and living life on my terms – I’m right where I need to be,” she says.

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