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It took a tip from a friend for Angela Pham to finally find what she was really looking for

Two years ago, Angela Pham’s friends and family members probably thought she lived an idyllic life. She always took care of herself and strived to look perfect. Her husband, the breadwinner of the duo, handled the couple’s finances and took Pham on extravagant vacations.

By all appearances, she was happy. But appearances can be deceiving. “Things may have looked great on the outside, but I felt very empty on the inside,” says Pham, who adds that she didn’t really feel like she had a purpose in life, except to take care of her two-year-old son.

“I had an entrepreneurial mindset, but I never really stuck with anything,” she says. At one point, she had tried to launch a bathing suit line, but that didn’t work out. “I always felt empty at the end of each day.”

Then, in April of 2019, everything changed. Pham had been watching her friend post about THRIVE on social media and how it had amped up her energy level. Her friend encouraged her to try the THRIVE Experience, and, looking back now, Pham knows she was a Day 1 THRIVER.

“My mood improved immediately, and I realized that there was something to this,” she says. “I woke up feeling happier than I ever had before.” She also found that THRIVE helped her with weight management to shed a few remaining baby pounds, and it gave her an energy boost.

“I realized the reason I was a Promoter was to help people. That’s what I was really passionate about.”

Pham became a Promoter almost immediately, and she hit her 12K Auto Bonus in May. But even after her early success, she briefly questioned whether THRIVE would be able to give her what she was missing in life.

Then, that October, Pham’s Promoter friend took her along as a guest to a Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaway in Jamaica. There, she met a woman who told her how her entire life had changed because she had found a way to help people through THRIVE. “I just said to myself, ‘whoa!’ and I experienced a total mind shift,” she says. It turns out that for Pham, selling THRIVE wasn’t about earning money (although that was a nice side benefit). “I realized the reason I was a Promoter was to help people. That’s what I was really passionate about. And guess what? When I shifted my mind from ‘what goal do I have to hit next?’ to ‘who can I help next?’ I got really excited!”

That shift in mindset helped Pham smash through her next goals. In March 2020, she achieved the 40K VIP rank, moved up to 80K in May, and in July of that same year, she became a 200K Promoter.

Now, when Pham advises other Promoters, she urges them to focus on their journey rather than their end goal. “Some people are so caught up in the end result, but for me, it was all about embracing the process. I was happy with whatever money I earned, sure, but my real happiness was finally finding passion in my life.”

Pham’s next goal is to become a Millionaire Award recipient, and she has no doubt she’ll hit the mark. But even then, Pham says, it won’t be about the status. “It will mean I helped more people,” she says.

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