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Veteran Tyrone Young (a.k.a. “The Thriving Chef”) has found that consistency and enthusiasm have led to his success

Tyrone Young is a man of many talents: He’s a personal chef, a trained boxer, a military veteran and a licensed minister. But perhaps his greatest talent is being a THRIVE Promoter.

“I’m able to do a lot of different things because I work very hard and am incredibly consistent,” says Young.

His THRIVE journey began at the end of May 2018, when he started delivering meal prep packages to a new customer. “Every day, she came to the door with her DFT on,” he says. Finally, after numerous deliveries, Young broke down and asked what she was wearing on her arm. After explaining, she gave him a three-day sample of the THRIVE Experience and his exciting journey started.

On the first day THRIVING, Young says he noticed at 4:30 p.m. that he wasn’t tired. “That’s about the time of day I used to fall asleep and take grandpa naps, even though I was only 35 years old,” he says. At 6:30 that night, he still wasn’t sleepy. And at 11:30 p.m., he found he still had enough energy to mop the floor and wash his car outside in the dark.

“I didn’t end up going to sleep until 2 a.m., and it was the best sleep I ever had,” Young says.

As he continued with his THRIVE Experience, Young decided to go back to the gym (something he hadn’t done for years because of general aches and discomforts), and he says his daily workouts “felt like nothing. I felt as energetic as I had been feeling years ago in Basic Training.”

Young told the Promoter who gave him the THRIVE sample that he wanted to become a customer, and she showed him how to sign up as a Promoter and THRIVE for free. Just six short days later, he earned his VIP800 bonus.
“It was so easy to share my experience with people,” he says. “My friends are always whining that they’re tired and dealing with general discomfort, and that they need energy and can’t seem to focus. Everybody needs THRIVE.”

To share his experience with others, Young took to social media and began going live every day on Facebook to take his product. He’s dubbed himself “The Thriving Chef” and he advertises THRIVE wherever he goes.

“Doing the same things every day, without fail, is what’s worked for me,” says Young. For example, whenever he goes outside, he makes sure his DFT is visible. And when he’s at the local gym four to five days per week, he’s always talking to other gym members about how the Black Label DFT has changed his life.

When he signs up a new customer, he encourages them to share THRIVE with their family and friends. “I tell people, ‘You don’t need to be THRIVING alone. Get your family involved. You can all do this together,’” he says. “I think what people appreciate about me is how encouraging I am.”

In turn, Young says he stays connected with his 200K VIP team leader, who is always pushing him to reach the next level. “It’s important to connect with everyone on your team – your upline and your downline,” he says. “You can all keep each other motivated.”

Young recently achieved the 40K rank and is steaming towards his 80K ranking. “I’m super close,” he says. “And when I get there, I’m going to help every single person on my team get there as well.”

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